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This page is dedicated to haiku about boomerangs. Many of us who throw or make boomerangs find the it resembles art in a way and have attempted to convey our feelings through another art form. As the midi file that should be playing right now reminds us, it is "Poetry in Motion".

This all started with a rang-list discussion of haiku poetry about boomerangs. This discussion led to some good haiku and some bad feelings from others on the list. I saved all the submitted haiku and some other poems and have decided to display it here for others to read. Unfortunately the rang list is no more, but there is another group called BoomerangTalk on Yahoo Groups which does the same thing.

First the haiku!

Yellow boomerang
How do you know the way home
Gray sky no wind day

Boomerang Haiku by Steven Graham

I want to go throw
It has been snowing heavy
Some other day then

Kendall Davis

One listens closely
a symphony in the air
wings whistling softly

Tom Conally

Beginner's first throw
First the wind-up, then the toss
Oh no, layover!

Dave Hendricks

Another for how booming looks in Houston today

Boomerang today?
Much rain, now pools of water
Not good I think.

Dave Hendricks

Cold stiff hands working
fast over spinning grinder,
boomerang making

Steven Graham

bought a boom today
noticed no tuning was there
broken sad heart now

Kendall Davis

come back boomerang
precession is the master
like a tethered bird

Tom Conally

blow steadily, wind
not too hard for me though, please
I'll throw boomerangs

Louis J. Cassorla

a hurled bent stick
races away with a swoosh
orbits gently back

Frank Harmuth

Throw my boomerang
Watch it spinning on the breeze
Dog turd underfoot

Dave Hughes

throwing boomerang
sky reacting, throwing back
ying and yang working

flying shapes of wood
shadows cast against the sky
sunset red cold feet

Steven Graham

The boomerang soars
Awestruck, I watch its flightpath
Sandwich catch, pure joy.

Kris Kemp

Boomerang making
Impatiently wait to test
Way too much snow now

Snow blowing, drifting
Only really good throws work
Booms lost in white snow

John Whitehead

my body in flight
dances on wind, back to hand
the circle complete.

MTA soars high
Floats into infinity
Bye bye, MTA!

Steve Sanders

green grassy fields
surrounded by trees
where did it go? Whack! D'oh!

"Dr." David Martin
JimboLouis Labs

Boomerang wood that
comes from disappearing trees
controversial indeed

Bill Rusky

new Steve boomerang
Abo Steve hates boom Haikus
good boom anyway

Steven Graham

slow circle thru sky
Summer time boomerang throw
too hot for fast catch

Steven Graham

I threw boomerang..
public`s waiting `til today..
for the boomerang!

(says my wife!)

Asymmetrix thrown,
having successful return,
good construction work!

(own model!)
Rainer & Andrea!

the smell of plywood
sanding drum rotating fast
new boom in my hands

Tom Conally

Rare wood boomerang
soaked in cajun gumbo
Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, good.

Bottom line, most of us are not throwing booms, and we are in the boomerang triangle
(gumbo, rare wood, and haiku) doldrums.
Charles Swan

Boomerang Haikus
Thanks to Dave they're on the net
Full Circles to you

Kris Kemp

The following were not haiku or showed negative response to writing it!

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I like boomerangs...
Porsche's are faster...

well, poetry is not my "thing" Rich Harrison

California warmth of place and person
return again
to be a boomerang

SouthBay Johnny
Not Haiku

Not pleased with Haiku.................

When in grammar school
They made us write some Haiku
What a bummer task!

Chris Cotter

Sick of obscure Japanese
Boom poems, okay, Jack?

Fredric Malmberg

I read the rang list
I delete the Haiku
Delete key wears out

David Hogue

House is settling fine.
Boomerangs fly
Haiku's suck, IMHO.

Steve Conaway

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